Established in 1950, Yunnan Police College has enjoyed different periods of time, with different names as The Public Security School of Ministry of Public Security of Kunming Military Management Committee of PLA, the Public Security School of Yunnan Province, the People’s Police School of Yunnan Province, Yunnan Advanced Public Security College, etc. Our college was upgraded to an undergraduate college in 2003, and officially changed its name as Yunnan Police College.

So far, our college has become the national training base of the chief directors of public security bureaus at levels of county or city, the Narcotics Control Police Officer Training Base of Ministry of Public Security, the Info-Communication Education and Training Base of Ministry of Public Security, the Police Logistics Base of Ministry of Public Security, the Training Base for the Police Officers from Southeast Asia, the National Training Base of the Law Enforcement Regularization for the Public Security Organs at County Level, the National Test Agency of the Chinese Martial Level, the National Training Base of the Self-Defense Tactics, the Exam and Assessment Base of Civil Servants of Yunnan Province, and the Research Base on Drug Problems of Yunnan. Yunnan Police College has been successively rewarded with the titles of the Provincial Civilization Unit, the Provincial Civilization School, Kunming Garden Unit, etc. Our college has been rewarded with First-class Collective Merit Citation once and Third-class Collective Merit Citation twice by the Ministry of Public Security of China. The college passed the qualification evaluation of the undergraduate education for general institutions of higher learning in 2011, qualified to enroll the post-graduate of master degree on Policing in 2013, and qualified to enroll international students in 2014, which was a historical break in educational levels to widenour potential students.

Till August, 2015, this college enjoys its faculty of 477 in numbers, among which, 162 are associated professors and professors, 184 with Ph.D. and MA Degrees. Our college covers an area of 1382.16 mu, with its total construction area of more than 230,000 square meters. More than 1,020,000 books, with electronic books included, and 8462 issues from 708 kinds of periodicals, are available in our library. There are 54 ordinary classrooms with 3,935 seats, 87 multimedia classrooms with 7,456 seats, more than 30 labs, 3,188 teaching and research equipments, and an area of sports more than 72,659 square meters.

Five disciplines, Laws, Sciences, Technology, Management and Pedagogy, are available in our college, with 15 majors at undergraduate level: Anti-narcotics, Laws, Public Security, Investigation, Boarder Controlling, Computer Science and Technology, Criminal Science and Technology, Traffic Controlling, Public Security Intelligence, Economic Crime Investigation, Public Service Administration, Social Works, Information Security, Police Canine Skills, and P.E.; 14 majors at the level of junior college education: Investigation, Public Security Management, Traffic Controlling, and etc. There are 9departments concerning Party and administrative affairs, some teaching like Counter-Narcotics Institute, Counter-Terrorism Institute, Criminal Investigation Institute, Institute of Public Security Management, Law School, Information and Network Security Institute, and Graduate Faculty, and 6 professional student management organizations as well.YNPC Newspaper and Journal are published regularly.

Committed to the discipline constructions of public security, public security skills and laws, our college has developed and promoted the unified models of cultivation as the integration of teaching, learning, practicing and combating. There are several research institutions in our college, such as Institute of Criminal Science and Technology, Narcotics-Control Research Institute, Forensic Center, and etc. In our college, there are 3 outstanding major construction programs at national and provincial level, 3 key labs at ministerial and provincial levels, 1 provincial-level key discipline, 1 provincial level key major, 8 top quality courses at national and provincial level. We are proud that we have one professor who is honored as the national outstanding teacher, 2 as the national outstanding teacher in public security education, 1 as the model trainer in public security education, 11 as provincial teaching masters, 3 as provincial workshop of famous teachers, 4 provincial teaching teams, and more than 100 experts at provincial and ministerial level. And we are among the first group of public security institutions national widely, in terms of the research programs sponsored by the national fund of social science.

In order to develop the in-service education and training for police officers coordinately with the academic education of public security, our college has been improving and promoting the qualities of in-service police training by closely relating our trainings to the overall layout and tasks at different stages, such as three trainings must to have, the grand training, three fundamental projects, three constructions, three key works, four constructions, and etc., the quality of in-service police training has been increasingly improved. Till August,2015, more than 40,000 police officers from various police forces have trained in our college in 300 different programs at national and provincial level, which contributed a lot to the public security and the construction of police force in China.

Carrying on our motto of loyalty, responsibility and dedication, we are devoted to social services. Teachers and students has been highly praised for their outstanding performance in the practice activities among the volunteers from college and university students. Under the instructions of Ministry of Public Security and Yunnan Provincial Department of Public Security, our college has actively participated and successfully completed the missions of maintaining security and social stability in several big events both in and out of Yunnan Province, with our daily teaching and training being well carried out, for example, maintaining the safety and security for the 1999 World Expo’ in Kunming, the Kunming Import and Export Commodities Fair, International Tourism Festival in Kunming, China-ASEAN Expos, the relaying of the Beijing Olympic Games torch in Kunming, the 16th Session of the International Federation of Anthropology and Ethnology, the large drills of the simulative operations at Changshui Airport in Kunming, Universiade in Shenzhen,and so on, which has been commended and awarded by our superiors for many times and therefore we have become an important backup force for the police in Yunnan.

The communication and cooperation with police institutions of neighboring countries, and European,American, and African countries is highlighted by the leaders of our college. We have also built up a wonderful bilateral relationship with foreign universities, such as Thailand Royal Police Cadet Academy, Police Academy of Cambodia, Lao People's Police Academy, Central Police Training Institute of Myanmar, British Columbia Justice Institute of Canada, Science and Technology University of Macao, Macao University, etc. We also have maintained our relationship with famous universities, police agencies, police education institutions domestically and abroad. By the end of 2015, our college has successfully completed more than 60 training programs which involved about 2,600 senior law enforcement officers, in the fields of anti-narcotics, boarder controlling and traffic controlling, from 40 countries from Asia, Europe and Africa. The related works of offering helps to Nepalese Armed Force Police Institute, Central Police Training Institute of Myanmar, Police Academy of Cambodia, Lao People’s Police Institute, are being carried out in our college.

Ever since its foundation more than 60 years, taking the cultivation of multifunctional and applied talents as its goals, Yunnan Police College has supplied various kinds of talents up to 80,000 for the public security organs and political-legal departments at different levels throughout Yunnan Province, as well as 31 provinces, autonomous regions and municipalities all over China. Leading executives at all levels from 129 county-level public security organs under the jurisdiction of 16 prefectures (cities) of Yunnan province are basically the graduates from our college, or have received short or mid-term trainings in our college. The heroes, like Ming Zhengbin, Chen Xinmin, Gong Zhihua, He Guihua, Yang Lisheng and etc, are also the exemplary graduates from our college. In recent years, full-scale and rapid developments have been seen in our teaching reforms, cultivation qualities, construction and development, social services offered by our teachers and students, which has been thoroughly reported by many media, such as, Xinhua news agency, the People's Daily, CCTV, China Education Daily, China Daily, People’ Public Security Newspaper, Yunnan Daily, and etc.

From a new starting point, holding Deng Xiaoping’ Theory, the Important Thoughts of Three Representatives, and the Scientific Outlooks on Development as our guidance, our college carries out thoroughly the spirits of a series of important speeches given by the general secretary, Mr. Xi Jinping, insisting on developing by inheriting, advancing by adapting, innovating by reforming, insisting on taking undergraduate education as our major task, developing Police professional education, the in-service training for police officers and the foreign police training, and actively developing graduate education. Carrying out vigorously the motto of loyalty, responsibility and dedication, our college is trying its best to march forward to a modern police university which is famous regionally, by consolidating the center position of education and training, stressing the key position of the construction of faulty, strengthening the fundamental position of the construction of disciplines, solidifying the securing position of the construction of infrastructure. Our college is marching forward to a modern police university which is famouson leading position regionally.