SPC has an area of 850 mu. Its total building area of Sancha-gang and Xinzhuang campuses covers 97797 square meters. Nowadays, the college is mainly engaged in second-degree-oriented education, newly-sworn police education, training programs for those police officers who will be promoted to higher police ranks or administrative positions, or be transferred to professional positions, or those who come here for regular training and police-car-driving-skill training, diploma-oriented adult education and distance education through the police internet as well. The college has cultivated a lot of talents for the public security agencies at different levels. These well-disciplined talents, who have good morals, morale and basic policing expertise, development potentials, wider range of specialties and comprehensive qualities, are qualified for all police posts and good in field skills. Its present 516 faculty consists of 80 trainers, 70 instructors, 40 other staff members, 82 trainee-affair administrators, 99 administrative staff members, 43 teaching assistants and 92 working staff. The college has about 3000 trainees and trains about 9000 police officers per year. Beset with a beautiful environment, the college has modern facilities for teaching, training and living condition, various labs, multimedia classrooms, computer rooms, language labs, electronic reading rooms, police-training gyms, comprehensive shooting ranges, driving-training grounds, modern equipment with different functions and a collection of about 350,000 books. This college has recently requisitioned the farmland of 278 mu and invested 5 million yuan in the expansion of Sanchagang campus. Then, surrounded by Riverside Forest Park, a new modern police college will spring up on the waterfront.