Shandong Police College (SDPC) is situated in Jinan,the provincial capital of Shandong province. It grew out of Shandong Provincial School of Police Officers which was founded in 1946, as the first police school in the history of Communist Party of China. Over the past 70 years, SDPC has been relocated 3 times and renamed 10 times, contributing significantly to the liberation war, the socialist construction, reform and opening up and socialist modernization.

As an important part of Shandong public security organs,SDPC is the only full-time undergraduate university in Shandong province. Over the past 70 years, more than 50,000 qualified personnel have been trained in the college. First, it enrolls full-time undergraduates and junior college students. Since 1978 when education with record of formal schooling was resumed, a total number of 21,893 students have graduated from this college including undergraduates, junior college students and secondary technical school students. It now has an enrollment of 4,586 students. Second, it offers training for police officers who are in-service. More than 100,000 police officers have been trained here. In 1990, it was designated by the Ministry of Public Security as one of the training bases for nation-wide directors-general of public security bureaus. Since 1991, 2,413 directors-general have been trained during the 37 training seminars. Third, SDPC provides training for senior and middle-rank foreign police officers. Arranged by both the Ministry of Public Security and the Ministry of Commerce, since 2006,more than 97 training seminars have been held for 1,748 senior officers from 87 countries and regions and 1 international organization.

SDPC has seven bachelor’s degree programs: criminal investigation, public order administration, criminal science and technology, economic crime investigation, traffic management engineering, public security intelligence and cyber safety and law enforcement and two programs for junior college: criminal investigation and public order administration. SDPC is entitled to grant bachelor degrees in engineering and law.

SDPC now has two campuses, i.e. Wendong Campus and Mingshui Campus. The Wendong Campus, holding offices of administration, undertakes in-service training seminars for both domestic and foreign police officers. Mingshui Campus (whose address is No. 2555 Zhanlai Road, Zhangqiu District, Jinan city,) is committed to college student education. These two campuses cover an area of 1,745 mu while school buildings cover 280,000 square meters.

Wendong Campus is equipped with 8 laboratories which specialize in psychological services, situational simulation, digital images, trace examination, security precautions, online combat training and computer science, etc. There are 26 laboratories on Mingshui Campus specializing in different fields such as commanding center, video investigation, photography of material evidence, fingerprint and footprint identification, trace extraction and examination, trace comparison with telescopes, criminal chemical examination, document examination, criminal intelligence, drug control, simulated crime scene, inspection of hazardous items, security precautions, automobile mechanics, computer science, digital forensics, simulated court and road traffic video surveillance. Besides, 9 training courses for actual combating have been built like shooting hall, Sanda training gym and strength training gym. The value of teaching instrument and equipment totals more than 70 million Chinese yuan. Moreover, two campus LANs have been established to connect Chinese Education and Research Network and Public Security Information Network.

SDPC has a staff with reasonable structure in their age, knowledge, public security disciplines and professional titles, which can meet the demands of teaching and management of the college. The total number is 583, of which 397 people are professional and technical staff, 32 are professors (including three 2nd class professors) and 144 are associate professors. Two hundred and eighty-seven teachers have master degrees and 21 have doctorate degrees.

SDPC has long been adopting the upright guiding principle of school-running and has formed distinctive characteristics. Always adhering to the guiding ideology of building the police with firm political stands and running the college with strict management, it takes the initiative to serve the actual work of public security with qualified personnel. It has contributed not only to the construction of a peaceful and harmonious province but also to the sustained and healthy economic development of Shandong province.