Railway Police College, a full-time undergraduate education, uniquely cultivates railway police under the direct administration of the Ministry of Public Security (MPS) of P. R. China. In 1950, it was founded in Beijing by the former Ministry of Railways. It has been moved to Shenyang, Shanghai, Xi’an, Tangshan as time flew by until it relocated to Zhengzhou in 1980 and renamed as Zhengzhou Police College under Ministry of Railways. Since the year of 2000, it has taken its present name as Railway Police College under MPS. In 2003, it firstly opened full-time undergraduate education with the approval of Ministry of Education.

The college sets 4 majors and 3 professional directions with bachelor's degree. They are Science of Investigation, Science of Public Security, Science of Police Management, Forensic Science and the direction of Law Enforcement, the direction of Police Secretarial, the direction of Network Security and Law Enforcement. It also opens 7 Professional Training Programs, including Criminal Investigation, Public Security, Criminal Technology, Police Management, Network Security, Economic Criminal Investigation and Guarding. There are 54 fundamental & professional laboratories and training fields, with the equipments' total value of 79,168,300 RMB. There are 598,100 paper books, 1,400,000 e-books and advanced electronic book system, library automation management system in its library. The college is one of actual combat training bases under the management of MPS and builds 28 training bases in national police agencies. It recruits students from all provinces (except for Taiwan, Hong Kong and Macau) and carry on strict policing management. Up to now, it hosts 4046 students in all.

In the college, there are 399 working staff with 288 full-time teachers. It has 33 professors, 80 associate professors and 1 doctorial tutor. 5 teachers enjoy the ministerial allowance, 17 teachers win the honor of provincial and ministerial Excellent Teacher or Model Teacher, 11 teachers are academic and technical leaders in Henan Province, 3 teachers are given the honor of Model Hero by the Ministry of Public Security and many others are leading experts in railway police work.

In the long-term education practice, the college insists in Chinese socialist direction and serves for railway police work and team training. It persists in Strong Belief, Loyal to Law, Clear Features and High Quality in the teaching activities with the school motto of Loyalty, Justice, Diligence and Consistency. It has featured for its loyal education, railway police work and police agency-college cooperation. It has cultivated 30,000 graduates for railway police forces, providing a solid support for railway police in both its personnel training and intellectual tanks. Therefore, it is honored as The Cradle of Railway Guard.