Located in the capital city Changsha of Hunan Province in Central South China, Hunan Police Academy is the only one institution of higher learning, specializing in cultivating police professionals in Hunan Province. It is developed from Hunan Provincial Police Department School of the Hunan Interim Government, which was established in September, 1949, the same year when the People’s Republic of China was founded. In 2010, certified by the Ministry of Education, it was upgraded to university degree level. Over more than sixty years, the Academy has graduated more than 40,000 qualified police officers, gaining itself the honorable name “The Cradle of Police in Hunan”.

Hunan Police Academy characterizes itself in the feature of being both the diploma education college of higher learning for undergraduate students and also the provincial training center for active police officers. The Academy has 337 full-time faculty members, including 43 professors and 142 associate professors. It covers a total area of 700 Mu (approximately 480,000 square meters ) with a school building of 217,000 square meters, and the school owns a total value worth of more than 62,930,000 RMB Yuan (about $ 8, 000,000 USD) on scientific research equipment and apparatus. It has 49 laboratories, 8 on-campus practical training bases and 43 off-campus field training bases in local police organizations all over the province. The school library has a collection of 793,500 volumes of books and periodicals of various kinds. The Academy has one provincial-priority discipline, one key major of the Ministry of Public Security, two provincial-specialized majors and three provincial-comprehensive-reform pilot majors. The Academy has 11 four-year undergraduate program majors (Criminal Investigation, Public Order Administration, Traffic Administration and Engineering, Criminal Science and Technology, Drug Control, Law, Information Security, Computer Science and Technology, Public Administration, Police Commanding and Tactics, Applied Psychology ) and has a scale of 6,800 students on the campus.

It is also the National Police Tactics Training Base and Foreign Police Training Base of Ministry of Public Security and the Provincial Police Officers' Training Center with an annual on-job training capacity for 7,000 police officers. The Academy adheres to the policy of opening to outside world and keeps abreast of latest international development trends and standards in its police training and education work. It carries out international cooperation and academic exchange programs and visits with police organizations from countries and regions from USA, Canada, France, Denmark, the Republic of Korea, Hong Kong and Tai Wan. Hunan Police Academy is increasingly enhancing its influence and reputation globally.