Hubei University of Police (HUP), one of the first two provincial police universities providing four-year educational programs for undergraduates in China, was established in 1949. At present, there are 449 faculty members in HUP, among whom 130 faculty members acquired secondary senior or senior titles and 139 ones obtained a master’s or a doctor’s degree. Now 5,758 undergraduate students are studying in HUP. And more than 9,000 police officers receive professional training annually. HUP consists of two districts, namely, the southern district and the northern district, with its campus covering an area of 505 mu.

So far 17 majors including Studies of Criminal Investigation have been set up in HUP. And such professional programs as The Superior Cluster of Disciplines in Police Studies, The Workshop of Distinguished Professors of Hubei Province, The Experimental Reform Project for Institutions of Higher Education in Hubei Province, The Jingchu Coordinative Educational Project for Outstanding Engineers in Hubei Province and The Jingchu Coordinative Educational Project for Outstanding Law-enforcement Professionals have been carried out successfully. Meanwhile, such teaching platforms as The Training Center for Science and Technology in Criminal Investigation (The Standard Experimental Teaching Center in Hubei Province), Doctor Li Changyu’s Workshop (The Base of College Students’ Innovative Activities in Hubei Province) and Sanzhen Judicial Identification Center have been established in HUP. HUP is equipped with The Provincial Base of Training and Practice consisting of 25 Training and Practice Branches both in and out of Hubei Province. There are 150 classrooms with multiple functions and 10 training sites in HUP. And the number of books collected in the library of HUP amounts to more than 1 million.

Several research platforms as The Provincial Key Laboratory for Forensic Science, The Center of Coordination and Innovation for Digital Evidence Collection of Hubei Province, and The Research Center for Social Order and Social Administration (The Major Research Center of Humanities and Social Science for Institutions of Higher Education in Hubei Province) have been established. And the application platform of digital campus has been put into use. HUP sponsors the publication of The Journal of Hubei University of Police and The Review of Police History. Each year HUP gets involved in providing policing organs of all levels with academic support and counseling more than 1,900 times. The experts from Sanzhen Judicial Identification Center deal with more than 3,000 cases annually, solving lots of problems for basic-level policing departments.

At present, under the leadership of newly-established HUP committee of the Communist Party of China, all the faculty members of HUP are working industriously with extraordinary loyalty to realize the Thirteen Five-year Plan. They are striving for the goal of constructing a high-quality modern police university which is “the top in the Middle and the first-class around China”.