The predecessor of Henan Police College was firstly founded in February 1949, with the history of development from Training Class for Security Guard of Western Henan, Henan Public Security Official School, Henan Renmin Police School and Henan Public Security Academy. Upon the approval of Ministry of Education of PRC, Henan Police College was formally established in March 2010 and it is enlarged into the sole college of public security in Henan Province after Kaifeng Police School and Luoyang Police School were merged into it in August 2012. It is an important part of Henan police forces, which takes responsibilities of degree education and police training, particularly initial police training.

Henan Police College has the area of 1800 acres, 752 teaching staff, of which there are 532 full-time teachers, 181 professors and associate professors, 279 teachers with master and doctor degree, 41 teachers named as renowned teachers by the Ministry of Public Security and academic leaders in Henan academia. It has nearly 8000 student residents, including 2695 police recruits, who have to be trained here for two years before performing their duties as police officers. The college sets up 14 majors for undergraduates, two for junior college students. There are 16 laboratories, 22 off-campus bases for training and practice and more than 980,000 books in the library.

There are four public security programs available in the college. The first is the program for degree, which is set for the admitted students from high school. The second is training program for police recruits from undergraduates of colleges and former soldiers. The amount of training initial police is always keeping in the forefront of our country in recent years. Initial police training is now becoming an important way to complement and develop Henan public security forces. The third is continuing education program for in-service persons who want to obtain the college diploma. The fourth is training program for police officers. On the average, 12000 mid-level police officers are trained every year in the college,which greatly improves the competence of police officers in Henan province.