Guizhou Police Officer Vocational College (GZPOVC), approved by the Guizhou provincial Party Committee and the provincial People’s Government, put on the file of the Ministry of Public Security, co-managed by the Department of Public Security and the Department of Education in Guizhou Province, is a full-time public security and judicial institution of higher learning,and an important base for cultivating professional police officers and judicial personnel in Guizhou Province.

GZPOVC grew out of the Public Security Cadres School under the People’s Government of Guizhou Province founded in 1950. The two schools merged into one in 1954, i.e., Guizhou Provincial Administrative Cadres School. During the period of 1995-1957, Guizhou Provincial Administrative Cadres School was divided into two: Guizhou Provincial Public Security School and Guizhou Provincial Political and Legal Cadres School. During the period of 1957-1975, the above-mentioned two schools were merged, it was renamed as Guizhou Provincial Political and Legal Cadres School, Guizhou Institute of Political Science and Law and again Guizhou Provincial Political and Legal Cadres School. During the period of 1957-1980 it was renamed to Guizhou Provincial Public Security School. During the period of 1980-1985, the school was again divided into two: Guizhou Provincial Public Security Cadres School (Simultaneously Guizhou Provincial People’s Police School founded) and Guizhou Provincial Political and Legal Cadres School (Simultaneously the Special Secondary Judicial Department also founded ). During the period of 1985-2000, the two schools were upgraded to Guizhou Provincial Public Security Cadres Institute and Guizhou Provincial and Administrative Cadres Institute respectively; and in 1997, the two institutes were simultaneously appraised as 1st Grade (GradeA) Institute in the school-running qualification evaluation among Guizhou Provincial Adult Higher Education. In 2000, the two institutes were once again merged and set up Guizhou Provincial Officers Vocational College (GZPOVC).

Since its establishment, through successive exploration and hard work of previous leading bodies and teaching and administrative staff, currently GZPOVC has formed a multi-level and multi-form school-running structure: including general education, higher vocational education, adult college education and special secondary education, etc. GZPOVC jointly offers adult undergraduate education and adult master education course programs with other undergraduate colleges and universities such as East China Institute of Political Science and Law, Southwest China University of Political Science and Law, Central TV University, Southwest China Normal University, etc., and tens of thousands of qualified graduates have been conveyed to various public security organs, procuratorial organs, people’s courts and judicial departments, legal services organizations, enterprises and institutions . In the meantime with offering the academic certificate education, approved by the Provincial Party committee and the Provincial People’s Government, GZPOVC established Guizhou Provincial Training Center for Judges, Prosecutors, Lawyers and Notaries, positively conducting in-service training for procuratorial organs, people’s courts and judicial departments and other departments. The number of existing teaching and administrative staff are 437, of which, 300 are full-time teachers, among the 300 teachers: 23 professors, 132 associate professors, 10 awarded the doctor’s degree, 114 awarded the master’s degree. GZPOVC has employed 18 renowned experts and scholars in and outside the province as the part-time professors and 64 professional core members in various public security and judicial departments in the province as part-instructors.

Approved by Guizhou Provincial Department of Justice, the College set up GZPOVC’s Judicial Expertise Institute for Explosives, which is the only one with the judicial expertise power in the province; approved by Guizhou Provincial Department of Labor and Social Security, the National Occupational Skills Appraising Institute set up in GZPOVC, including various scientific research institutes of GZPOVC’s Public Security Judicial Educational Research Institute, GZPOVC’s Criminology Research Institute, etc. And GZPOVC initiated or participated to set up the following academic societies: China Criminology Research Society, Infant Legal Education Specialized committee, Writing Research Society of National Public Security and Armed Forces Colleges and Universities, Guizhou Provincial Jurisprudence Society Criminal Jurisprudence Research Association, Guizhou Provincial Police Society Basic Public Security Theory Special Committee, Guizhou Provincial Jurisprudence Society Jurisprudence Constitutional Law Research Association, Guizhou Provincial Civil Law and Economic Law Research Society, etc.

Since 2000, the teachers and researchers of the College have published 40 monographs, edited or co-edited 92 textbooks and published 3093 academic papers. Altogether 35 teachers have been appointed to various positions of part-time teachers, supervisors of graduate students, experts, researchers or other jobs as the president of an academic society by general colleges or universities, research institutions, academic groups, etc. in and outside the province. The College Journal, used as a carrier for reflecting teachers’research activities, has been appraised as the national and provincial excellent learned journal and Core Journals, Top Ten of National Journals Edited by National High Vocational Schools and Adult Higher Learning school. Papers from the Journal have been reprinted by the national second important documents.

The present teaching departments are installed in GZPOVC including: Criminal Technique Department, Investigation Department, Public Order Management Department, Police Skills Training Department, Pubic Security Management Department ,Law Department, Theory Education and Training Department, Computer Science Department, etc. After years of building, a batch of peculiar and specialized specialties and courses have been formed, including Public Order and Security Management, Criminal Law, Special Police, Criminal Technique, etc. In order to reinforce the practical aspects in teaching, the GZPOVC has also established 27 teaching and experimenting practice bases within the whole province.

The College campus covers an area 662.3mu, with the area of school building of 19.89 million square meters; total assets of teaching and research equipment valuing at 3020 million yuan. The College library comprises about 51.3 million, e-books of 5713GB books. Currently, the College has won advanced indoor shooting hall, library, laboratory building, multi-media classrooms, language lab and campus network system. Along with the construction of the analog competitive training building, an update public security and judicial college has begun to take shape.

GZPOVC’s today is inseparable from the joint concerted efforts of leading bodies at various levels and of teachers and students from generation to generation. Since the founding of the College, leading officials from the Ministry of Public Security, Supreme People’s Procuratorate, Supreme People’s Court, the Ministry of Justice and leading officials from relevant provincial departments have always given warm concerns and great supports to the College. Teachers and students from generation to generation pioneer the undertakings with painstaking efforts, do their little bit to help build the College. Their performance and achievements will go down in GZPOVC’s history forever, and will continue to inspire the successors to forge ahead and to advance in a pioneering spirit so as to create a better tomorrow for the College.