Guangxi Police College originated from Guangxi Public Security School founded in January 1950, and endured several stages of development such as Guangxi Public Security Cadre School, Guangxi Political Science and Law and Public Security School, Guangxi Political Science and Law Cadre School, Guangxi People’s Police School, Guangxi Public Security Management School and so on. In 2003 it was reorganized as Guangxi Police Academy. In 2015, with the approval of the Ministry of Education and the ratification of the people’s government of Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region, it was promoted as Guangxi Police College, the only full-time police college targeted at cultivating professional police officers in Guangxi. The College is in the charge of Guangxi Public Security Department and operationally under the guidance of the Education Department of Guangxi.

The College is located in Nanning, the ‘Greentown’ and prizewinner of ‘The United Nations Habitat Environment Award’, composed of three campuses, which include Changhu, Xianhu and Beihai, covering a total area of 641 Mu. It has full-time students 4366, and trains over 5000 in-service police officers every year. The college has 320 full-time teachers, including 209 teachers with graduate degree or above , 1 teacher with a title of National Outstanding Teacher, 3 teachers Outstanding Teacher In the National Public Security System, 1 teacher Distinguished Teacher of the Ministry of Public Security, 1 teacher National Public Security Model Worker of Educating and Training, 1 professional talent with Public Security Video Qualification, 2 teachers Distinguished Teacher of Guangxi, 2 teachers Outstanding Teacher of Guangxi, 2 teaching teams at the autonomous region level, 1 teacher of the second level talent of Guangxi Ten Hundred Thousand Talent Plan, 41 experts of Public Security Science and Technology of Guangxi, 2 distinguished legal advisers of the government of Guangxi, 2 counterterrorism professionals of Guangxi, 1 Doctoral tutors and 3 postgraduate tutors.

The College provides 6 undergraduate majors, which are Criminal Investigation, Security Administration, Criminal Technology, Traffic Management Engineering and Social Work, and other 12 specialty majors which are Police Command and Tactics, Legal Affairs, Legal Secretary, Computer Application Technology and Security and Guard and so on. It has 9 characteristic research centers closely related to police, such as Research Center of Anti-drug, Research Center of Border and Ethnic Region and Society Stability, Research Center of Police Affairs of Association of Southeast Asian Nations and so on.

Over these past 60 years of development, the College, honored as ‘the cradle of police officers in Guangxi, has formed a systematic and embedded police training mode integrated with research, teaching, learning, practicing, combating and meditating with distinctive professional and industry characters, servicing to the upmost for fundamental informationalization of public security organ, actual combat of police affairs, standardization of law enforcement and normalization of personnel construction. It has cultivated more than 50,000 eligible police officers, trained over 70,000 in-service police officers. In addition, it holds more than 3 seminars sponsored by the Ministry of Public Security for foreign police officers every year. Since promoted as college and based on the unique geographical advantages of Guangxi, the College strives for a series of goals which include setting up base for cultivating professional Guangxi police talents, base for training in-service police officers, base for public security science research and technology in support, center for the training and exchanges of police affairs among Southeast Asia countries with the purpose of building it into a standardized police college of being advanced in the middle and western region, enjoying relatively high reputation in China with distinct characteristics.