On the occasion of the first Chinese People's Police Day, foreign national police forces and law enforcement departments, international organizations and embassies in China expressed their congratulations to the Ministry of Public Security of the People’s Republic of China, and expressed their willingness to further strengthen the friendly cooperation with the Ministry of Public Security of the People’s Republic of China.

To Lam, Member of Political Bureau of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of Vietnam and Minister of Public Security, noted that the high-level dialogue and exchange mechanism between his Ministry and the Ministry of Public Security of China had promoted the effective cooperation between the two countries in such fields as safeguarding national security, anti-terrorism, anti-trafficking, drug control, combating transnational crimes and border management, and formed a comprehensive cooperation pattern between the public security departments of the two countries in a wide range and at multiple levels. All these efforts had made outstanding contributions to consolidating the ruling positions of the two Parties, safeguarding the national security and social stability, and ensuring the people to live and work in peace and contentment. He also extended cordial greetings to the leaders and officers of the Ministry of Public Security of China.

Serbian Minister of Interior Aleksandar Vulin sent his heartfelt congratulations to the Chinese police officers, noting that the Serbian Ministry of Interior would devote itself to strengthening the strategic partnership with the People’s Republic of China in order to provide a joint and strong response to any threat to the territorial integrity and sovereignty of Serbia and China.

In his congratulatory letter, INTERPOL Secretary General Jürgen Stock extended his warm greetings and congratulations to all members of the People’s Republic of China’s Law enforcement community on behalf of INTERPOL. He acknowledged the hard work done by the Chinese law enforcement officers in combating transnational crimes, in particular in the year 2020. “The transnational nature of crime means the INTERPOL National Central Bureau in Beijing and the Ministry of Public Security play an essential role in maintaining national and regional security. I look forward to even greater cooperation in the future as China continues to significantly contribute to our joint mission to make the world a safer place.”

Sar Kheng, Deputy Prime Minister and Minister for Interior Affairs of Cambodia, noted that the Ministry of Interior Affairs of Cambodia and the Ministry of Public Security of China had been continuously deepening law enforcement cooperation and made positive contributions to safeguarding social peace, order and the legitimate interests of people in the two countries, as well as serving the economic and social development of both countries. He sincerely hoped that the good cooperative relationship between the two Ministries would continue to develop steadily and provide more favorable conditions for China-Cambodia law enforcement cooperation, so that the two sides could implement the consensus reached between the two countries more effectively.

Chansamone Chanyalath, Member of the Political Bureau of the Central Committee of Lao People’s Revolutionary Party and Lao Defense Minister, and GEN. Vilay Lakhamphong, Member of the Secretariat of the Central Committee of the Lao People’s Revolutionary Party and Minister of Public Security, sent greetings to the Chinese police officers. In his congratulatory letter, Chansamone Chanyalath noted that the Ministry of Public Security of China and the Lao Ministry of National Defense proactively carried out joint patrol and law enforcement cooperation, especially in the past nine years, both sides continued to organize and perform joint patrol law enforcement actions along the Mekong River together with Myanmar and Thailand, which effectively safeguarded the security and stability of Mekong River Region in northern Laos. In his congratulatory letter, GEN. Vilay Lakhamphong noted that the Chinese police forces had made great achievements in China’s revolution, development and construction, and made tremendous sacrifices for safeguarding the country’s prosperity and stability. He also spoke highly of the important achievements made by the Ministry of Public Security of both countries in performing joint law enforcement and security cooperation.

As noted by Argentina’s Minister of Security Sabina Frederic, the Ministry of Security of Argentina was willing to join hands with China to further expand exchanges and deepen cooperation on the basis of existing good cooperation and would like to push bilateral cooperation to a new stage.

Kubrakov, Minister of Internal Affairs of Belarus noted that, all Belarusian police officers were willing to share the happiness of the festival with the Chinese counterparts, and deeply realized the great contributions the police forces of both countries had made for maintaining peace, social security and national stability.

Federal Minister for Interior of Pakistan Sheikh Rashid Ahmed noted that, “the Ministry of Interior of Pakistan and the Ministry of Public Security of China are the staunchest partners and iron brothers. China-Pakistan All-Weather Strategic Cooperative Partnership has grown from strength to strength, unaffected by the vicissitudes of time. Our remarkable cooperation in law enforcement and capacity building at law enforcement agencies is progressing very well”.

Rahimzoda, Minister of Internal Affairs of Tajikistan noted that, "the Chinese police officers are always faithfully performing their duties and serving their country, which showed their best qualities: bravery and justice."

Lieutenant General Abdullah Khalifa Al Marri, the Commander-in-Chief of Dubai Police, noted that Dubai Police was seeking to expand and strengthen collaboration between the Dubai Police and the Ministry of Public Security. He added that Dubai Police looked forward to more and closer cooperation in the future.

Abdillahi Abdi Farah, Director of Djibouti National Police Headquarters noted that, Chinese police forces had achieved success in maintaining social security, ensuring people’s lives and winning people’s trust. Djibouti proactively supported the cooperation between the police forces of the two countries to jointly cope with the new challenges brought about by the continuous social development and changes.

Hussein Zolfaghari, Deputy Minister of Interior of the Islamic Republic of Iran, noted that the cooperation between the two countries in the field of public security and safety had been continuously expanded in recent years. The public security departments of both countries had exchanged experience and achievements, and successfully held several training courses, which effectively improved the quality of public security officers.

In his congratulatory letter, Kim Chang-yong, Commissioner General of the Korean National Police Agency noted that the Chinese police forces had made great contributions and sacrifices to the country and people. It was truly meaningful to commemorate the commitment and sacrifice of the Ministry of Public Security of China. Kim Chang-yong hoped that KNPA and MPS would strengthen their friendship by sharing the experience and expertise of each other.

According to J.Bold, Director-General of National Police Agency of Mongolia, the police forces of Mongolia and China had made great contributions in2020 to protect people’s lives and health in the face of the COVID-19. The police departments of the two countries gave timely support and help to each other, further deepening the friendly relations and profound friendship between the two sides.

Glenn Dunbier, Acting Commissioner of the New Zealand Police noted, “this is a special day to appreciate the efforts of men and women who provide China’s community safety and security, and just as importantly a day to recall those staff who have paid the highest price and sacrifice in the service of policing”.

In his congratulatory letter, Nigerian Inspector-General of Police Muhammed Adamu appreciated that the Chinese police served the Chinese State and its people with honor and patriotism. He extended great gratitude to China on the age-long support of the Chinese government to extend capacity building opportunities to the Nigerian Police Force. He looked forward to maintaining and strengthening this existing cordial relationship as well as enhancing cooperation in other areas of our collective interests.

Debold Sinas, Chief of National Police of the Philippines noted that the sacrifices of Chinese police force for China and Chinese people deserved their respect. As he said, the police force of the Philippines was looking forward to more collaborative endeavors with the Ministry of Public Security of China, particularly on the efforts in fighting transnational crimes,bringing criminals to justice, and ensuring the safety and security of the Chinese nationals in the Philippines and the Filipinos in China.

Jorge Miranda Molina, Director-General of Panamanian National Police said that, the Chinese police force had fought bravely and made admirable achievements in combating crimes and maintaining social security and stability. He congratulated the Chinese police officers on their remarkable achievements and looked forward to the Chinese police force playing an exemplary role in fulfilling their duties and missions.”

Mehmet Aktas, Director-General of Turkish National Police, noted that, "the Turkish National Police will, as always, cooperate with the Ministry of Public Security of China to combat various transnational crimes. We firmly believe that the cooperation between us will be further strengthened in 2021."

Lynne Owens, Director-General of British National Crime Agency noted that police officers in China and the UK “had laid their lives to protect their communities from the threats, which made a day of remembrance all the more poignant and appropriate”.

Richard Martin, Deputy Assistant Commissioner of National Police Chiefs Council (NPCC) of the UK noted that, the police was an important part of life and the most important profession in the world. It was their duty to protect citizens’ safety and maintain social stability. Police forces all over the world were working hard day and night for this purpose, especially in China and UK. “Congratulations on your achievements, great thanks for your efforts in maintaining social security, and wish you a happy holiday that is customized for you.”

Michael Pennett, Assistant Director of Australian Federal Police, extended great gratitude to the ongoing support by the Ministry of Public Security and valued the longstanding and enduring law enforcement partnership between China and Australia. As he noted, “I would like to express my gratitude to the Ministry of Public Security of China for its continued cooperation on transnational serious and organized crime including narcotics and economic crime investigations.”

Vittorio Rizzi, Deputy Commander of the Italian Police of State, extended his gratitude to the Chinese police forces for their thoughtful and enthusiastic service guidance to the Italian police forces during the Sino-Italian Police Joint Patrol, and expressed his best wishes to the Chinese police officers who performed their duties faithfully. He sincerely hoped that both sides would seek good opportunities for cooperation and experience sharing.

Dana Humaid, Director of the Bureau of International Affairs of the Ministry of Interior of the United Arab Emirates, extended warm congratulations to the Chinese people’s police, noting that the Ministry of Public Security of China and the Ministry of Interior of the United Arab Emirates had maintained good relations in police law enforcement cooperation for many years, and hoped that the two sides would further deepen the exchanges and made greater achievements in police law enforcement cooperation.

Police Adviser and Director of United Nations Police Division Luis Carrilho sent a congratulatory letter on the first Chinese People’s Police Day, and extended gratitude for China’s continuous support to United Nations policing. He noted that the “UN75 Survey revealed that the people of the world consider 'settling conflicts' and 'improving human rights protections' key tenets of the Organization’s future work. United Nations policing efforts are central to both these priorities, and he looked forward to the continuous collaboration between the People’s Republic of China and the Police Division as we move forward”.

Croatian Ambassador to China Dario Mihailin noted that, the joint police patrol between China and Croatia had achieved great success and attracted worldwide attention. In the places where Chinese tourists visited the most, Chinese and Croatian police officers organized joint patrols. This had become a strong bond and a true portrayal and common memory of the friendship between the two countries.

U Myo Thant Pe, Ambassador of the Republic of the Union of Myanmar to China, extended sincere gratitude to China for its long-term assistance and support in the field of law enforcement and security. As he noted, in recent years, the two sides had deepened cooperation in the field of security, made good use of law enforcement cooperation mechanisms, safeguarded the rule of law and stability, strengthened cooperation with countries in the Mekong River Region, and effectively cracked down on crimes such as drug trafficking, human trafficking, and cross-border gambling.

Thai Ambassador to China Arthayudh Srisamoot noted that, the Thai government was deeply aware of the great contributions made by the Chinese people’s police in safeguarding national stability and social order, cracking down on crime, and fighting the COVID-19 epidemic. They had created a stable and peaceful social living environment for the Chinese people.

Congratulatory letters were also received from national police and law enforcement departments, embassies in China and law enforcement liaison officers of many other countries and regions, including Afghanistan, Andorra, Denmark, Brazil, Canada, Central African Republic, Ethiopia, Finland, Germany, Jordan, Kazakhstan, Lesotho, Kyrgyzstan, Malaysia, Netherlands, Singapore, Spain, South Africa, Trinidad and Tobago, and Uzbekistan.


Message from the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russian Federation

On the occasion of the first Chinese People’s Police Day, on January 10th, the International Cooperation Department of Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russian Federation expressed congratulations to the Ministry of Public Security (MPS) and wished to further strengthen the friendly cooperation with the MPS.

Popov, Director General of International Cooperation Department of ministry of Internal Affairs of Russian Federation, noted that the MPS was fulfilling their duty faithfully to defend the rule by law, protect the citizens from crimes, and cope with emerging challenges and threats. Popov hoped that China and Russia would maintain intensive dialogues on the broad issues of common concerns.


Message from the U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration

On the occasion of the first Chinese People’s Police Day, Matthew G. Donahue, Chief of Foreign Operations of U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) sent a congratulatory letter to MPS and noted that law enforcement cooperation between China and the U.S. was a vital necessity. “The DEA and MPS have increased cooperative efforts during the past few years, which has resulted in several positive investigative outcomes, productive high-level delegation visits, and successful chemist expert exchanges. The DEA is hopeful that the MPS will continue to build on that cooperative spirit to jointly combat transnational criminal organizations and precursor chemical diversion in the coming months and years”.