After the approval of the Ministry of public security, according to the Institute of international exchanges and cooperation plan, from May 21st to June 5th, by the criminal investigation department, Cao Xuefei Wang Zheng, a student battalion Tong Yinglin, Bai Feng Department of Public Security Ministry of public security intelligence research foundation Tan Lingyan, Qin Xiaohong Foundation Department, 6 teachers and 44 students, consisting of visiting delegations go to the Provincial College of Canada Columbia to carry out a 16 day visit the school activities.

The school activities is an important measure of college students abroad for education and training, to help students to broaden their horizons, broaden the thinking, learn foreign advanced ideas and methods of police training, at the same time, the construction of "distinctive characteristic, leading domestic and international first-class top tier University police", attempt to internationalization strategy in teaching the training. School leadership attaches great importance to the school activities, indicating the international exchange department and the relevant departments responsible comrades carefully, carefully organized, high standard to complete the task, set up the excellent model of college teachers and students of foreign delegations visiting scholar exchanges. School party secretary Yu Xinmin, President Hao Hongkui to visit the special content of audit, to members of the group selection school preparatory work carried out supervision, vice president Dan Daguo organized group of teachers and students to carry out education before, and for the team off, made a speech before. The correct guidance and strong support of the college leaders provided the guarantee for the successful completion of the visiting activities. The mission teachers and students made clear the purpose of the visit and established the policy of action.

British Columbia Provincial Institute of Canada on the visiting activities very seriously, carefully designed curriculum and study schedule, with senior teachers. During the period, all members of our hospital strictly abide by foreign affairs discipline, listened carefully, studied deeply, and showed good study status and spiritual outlook. At the same time, we have also exchanged our experience and practice in the police education and training, which has raised the influence of our institute in international counterparts, and enabled both sides to achieve friendly exchanges and mutual learning. First, opening up the field of vision. During the visit the school, and teacher explained the criminal investigation, crime scene investigation and interrogation, the use of police force, police crisis management, criminal psychology, police team training courses, these courses for the special experience of the Canadian side of the overall display. At the same time, we introduced the Canadian side police training and assessment of relevant standards. As the police shoulder heavy social responsibilities, the Canadian side related professional training standards are in the international advanced level. For example, students physical fitness test, regardless of gender are unified standards, and our female students basically can not meet the relevant requirements. Again, the plus side for the police practice connotation attaches great importance to the high demand for police trainees morality, speech and deportment. These requirements are not often seen in police training in our country, academic groups and students have said that in the days after the police training, must be in strict accordance with the requirements of their high level, to ensure that the lead level of business.

Two is exercise ability. For example, during the visit the school, and all use English, although we are equipped with a translation, but in order to save time, improve teaching efficiency, visiting delegation decided to study all the teachers and students are required to communicate in english. After the training, we have said that the training can greatly improve their English level, and laid a good foundation for the day after the training in international and international law enforcement work. During the study period, all teachers and students have participated in the training of police teams arranged by the Canadian side for many times. Under difficult conditions, they have accomplished their tasks through teamwork. Our teachers and students, after running in, fully adapted to the requirements of the work, and strengthened their own ability, but also enhanced the spirit of unity and cooperation.

The three is to expand the international influence of our institute. With foreign counterparts, see the "China Criminal Police University" the GuoZiHao college students attention, self-esteem, self-confidence and pride effectively aroused, inspired masters of everyone's responsibility. Because all members of the discipline, a strong ability to the Columbia College of criminal justice and all the teachers to leave a good and deep impression, which lays a solid foundation for college and carry out more extensive and in-depth cooperation with the next step.

The teachers and students participating in this visit agree that it is very necessary for colleges to carry out international police education and training, and the achievements in the concept, content, methods and methods are very comprehensive, which are irreplaceable in domestic training.