HANOI, Feb. 20 (Xinhua) -- The ministers of public security of China and Vietnam have agreed to enhance cooperation on busting crimes.

The two sides made the pledge at the seventh China-Vietnam public security ministerial meeting on cooperation against crime held in the Vietnamese capital Hanoi on Friday.

Speaking highly of the achievements the public security departments of the two countries have made since the last meeting, Chinese State Councilor and Minister of Public Security Zhao Kezhi said at the meeting that the two departments have upheld political guidance, unity, mutual assistance and communication, ensuring the right direction of the China-Vietnam cooperation in law enforcement.

Under new circumstances, the two sides need to consolidate their traditional friendship, deepen pragmatic cooperation and safeguard common security more than ever, said Zhao.

He called on the two sides to prioritize ensuring their political security, map out their law enforcement cooperation strategically, and deepen cooperation in areas such as busting cross-border gambling, striking telecom fraud, and anti-terrorism.

Zhao hopes that the two sides can further contribute to the consistent and healthy development of the China-Vietnam comprehensive strategic cooperative partnership, as well as to the security and stability of both countries and the region.

For his part, To Lam, a member of the Political Bureau of the Communist Party of Vietnam Central Committee and Vietnam's minister of public security, said at the meeting that the cooperation in law enforcement between China and Vietnam has played an important role in protecting the two countries' political security and social stability, which is in line with the long-term and fundamental interests of the peoples.

After the meeting, the two sides signed documents on the cooperation in areas including immigration and busting cybercrime and telecom fraud.

Later on Friday, Zhao met with Vietnam's Minister of National Defense Ngo Xuan Lich, saying that China is willing to work with Vietnam to deepen pragmatic cooperation in the management of the border and entries and exits so as to make the China-Vietnam border a "peaceful, harmonious, orderly and prosperous" model in border management.

Noting that the China-Vietnam cooperation in law enforcement security and national defense is an important pillar of the relationship between the Communist Party of Vietnam and the Communist Party of China and the two countries, Lich said Vietnam is willing to enhance the cooperation in border management and combat cross-border crimes with China to consolidate the solidarity and friendship between the two countries.