Zhejiang Police College is situated in Hangzhou City---a tourist city famous for its natural scenery.The campus is quiet and tastefully laid out ,blooming with flowers and plants all the year round.It is the highest learning institute of police education and training at the provincial level.The current college,founded in 1985,can date from its predecessor---Zhejiang Cadre School of Public Security,which was initiated in May,1949.The college has witnessed unceasing expansions and growths with changes of its sites.There has been continuous improvement in its management over the past five decades.It currently ranks above colleges of similar kind nationwide, enjoying high reputation. The college is equipped with sophisticated facilities:multi-function&media classrooms,a conference hall,a library with a large book collection and electric readings,reading-rooms with plentiful seats.More than 30 basic and specialized labs involving DNA Test,Scanning Electronic Mirror,Trace Detection,have been built in this college.

The college has a standard athletic field,a field for driver training,a field for police tactics training,a field for playing all kinds of balls,live&mimic pistol ranges,providing firs-class equipment in police training and cultivation.