Inner Mongolia Police Professional College (Inner Mongolia Police Training Corps) is the only police institutions of higher learning in the Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region which ranges in the police system. This college which refers to civil servant management is managed directly under the Department of Public Security Bureau of Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region. This college trains police professionals for the region's police organs and takes on police of the region on the job training, police theories, practical research, emergency response and other functions.

The predecessor of this college is the training section of Inner Mongolia Department of police which was established in 1948. It was reconstructed as the Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region people's police school in 1980. In 2001 approved by the people's Government of the autonomous region, it was established as the Inner Mongolia Police Professional College. In 2002, the Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region judicial school merged into the college. In addition, “the Inner Mongolia Police Training Corps” was added in 2012.

The college covers an area of 221 acres, building area of 100 thousand square meters, the library collection of 180 thousand books, teaching facilities are well done.

Our college is the CPC organizational system with 17 Positive level organizations, in which there are 6 administrative institutions and 11 auxiliary teaching and teaching institutions. Authorized strength of political science and law is 288. Now it offers five majors including Criminal Investigation, Public Security Management, Traffic Management, Domestic Security, Network Security Supervision. The majors of Criminal Investigation and Public Security Management offer Mongolian teaching classes, teaching with Mongolian and Chinese two languages.

Since the establishment of our college, more than 50000 students have been trained, graduates are all over the district public security organs, the vast majority of them have become the backbone of the work unit, even many graduates have stepped onto the leadership positions. It has cultivated advanced bilingual talents of Mongolian and Chinese for several provinces, for example: Liaoning, Jilin, Heilongjiang, Xinjiang, Qinghai, Gansu and so on. Currently there are 1400 students. In the police entrance examination in 2016, 86% graduates successfully passed the exam and entered the district public security organs.

According to the spirit of the central government about the recruiting and training system reform in universities and colleges of political science and law, as the first batch of pilot institutions, Our college has enrolled the students of “Institutional Reform Students” since 2008.

The college takes many tasks, including the training for new hire police of Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region, the training for middle-ranking police, the training for the rank promotion of police. It holds many kinds of professional training and specific training of policing skills. According to the arrangements of Public Security Department of Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region, it not only takes the training for the deputy directors and vice commissars who are on duties for the first time of County Public Security Bureau, but also has the training for the junior leaders of various kinds of police and for the rank promotion of police every year. There are about 5000 policemen to be trained here all year.

Teachers and students all take part in handling major emergencies; carry out their mission of providing disaster relief and taking safety and security. They became an important keeping peace force for emergencies of Public Security Department.

The college is friendly exchanges with Mongolia State Police University. And it is the counterpart exchanges college with East Siberia College under the Interior Ministry of Russian Federation and Omsk College. There are some exchanges and visits between the college and other foreign universities regularly every year.