Guangdong Police College (GDPC) was set up to be a provincially-run, full-time, regular four-year college in 2004 with the authorization of Ministry of Education, whose administrative activities are led by Guangdong Provincial Public Security Department and teaching activities led by Guangdong Provincial Department of Education. GDPC is the training base of Guangdong public security reserves, the provincial training base for on-the-job police and the actual combat national training base of police tactics of the Ministry of Public Security.

The predecessor of GDPC was Guangdong Cadre School of Public Security that was founded in November 1949. The school started regular secondary education in 1974. In 1983, the school was renamed as Guangdong Institute of Public Security and Justice, and started adult college education. In 1992, Guangdong Police Academy was established and started regular college education. In 2004, Guangdong Police College was set up on the basis of Guangdong Police Academy and started ordinary undergraduate college education. In 2008, GDPC passed the authorization assessment of Bachelor degree.

GDPC has two campuses, namely, Jiahe campus and Binjiang campus, covering a total area of 370,000 m2. As the main campus, Jiahe campus has a range of infrastructure facilities, such as, teaching building, comprehensive laboratory building, library, student dormitories, police physical skill training hall and tactical training complex. Jiahe campus has an area of 94,875 m2 teaching and administrative space . Instruments and equipment for instruction are worth a total of 54.26 million Yuan. The library has a collection of 842,000 volumes of paper books and 360,000 E-books. GDPC has built an adequate campus network and public security LAN connected to the national public security information network.

GDPC has a total of 676 teaching and administrative staff, including 276 full-time teachers, among whom 197 have attained master degree or above and 160 are professors or associate professors. There are 3 teachers who receive special allowances from the State Council, 1 teacher with “National Excellent Teacher” title, 11 teachers with “National Public Security College Excellent Teacher” title and “Guangdong Provincial Excellent Teacher” title, 5 teachers with “Provincial Distinguished Teacher” title, and 43 teachers chosen as provincial or college candidates of “Thousand-Hundred-Ten Talent Project of Guangdong Province”.

There are 11 undergraduate majors, namely, science of law, science of public security, science of criminal investigation, science of drug control, economic crime investigation, network security and law enforcement, police command and tactics, criminal science and technology, traffic engineering, social work and public administration. Science of criminal investigation is awarded as the national-level characteristic major.

GDPC has run its own academic journal of Political Science and Law and set up 14 research institutes, such as the Research Institute for Public Security of the Pearl River Delta, Research Institute for Science of Public Security, Guangdong Tianzheng Centre for Judicial Identification, etc. Since 2010, teachers of GDPC have taken charge of or participated in completing 74 research projects, among which 6 are national level and 68 are provincial or ministerial; GDPC has also gained 16 patents for invention and 24 provincial or ministerial awards for scientific research achievements.

GDPC insists on serving social and economic development and the need of public security rank construction, abides by the school motto---“Loyalty, Responsibility and Service”, and strives to cultivate professional talents of public security with innovation ability, persistence, optimism, and virtue. GDPC now has 5685 full-time students. A large amount of the graduates have grown up to be the professional backbones of public security and judicial organs and contribute greatly to social and economic development and public security work of Guangdong Province.

GDPC is also the major police training base of Guangdong public security organs and the school for the grass-root leaders of Guangdong public security organs. From 2008 to 2016 GDPC has trained 13934 police officers. GDPC was awarded as “National Advanced Collective for Police Education and Training” in 2010.